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Translators needed
12-25-2011, 10:36 PM
Post: #11
RE: Translators needed
Hi tavvva -- this is the German translation
# This is an example for IceWM's menu definition file.
# Place your variants in ${sysconfdir}/X11/icewm or in $HOME/.icewm
# since modifications to this file will be discarded when you
# (re)install icewm.
prog xterm xterm xterm -fg white -bg black
prog Webbrowser konqueror netsurf
prog "E-Mail Programm" mail sylpheed
prog "Dateiverwaltung" file-manager rox
    menu Büro folder {
    prog "AbiWord" word-processor abiword
    prog  "GNumeric" spreadsheet gnumeric
    prog "PDF" pdf-document epdfview

    menu Werkzeuge folder {
    prog Editor editor leafpad
    prog "Dateiverwaltung" file-manager rox

    menu "Internet" folder {
    prog NetSurf konqueror netsurf
    prog Skipstone mozilla skipstone
    prog Dillo dillo dillo
    prog Links links links -g
    prog "E-mail Programm mail sylpheed
    prog "Chat" chat xchat
    menu Graphikanwendungen folder {
    prog GQView image-viewer gqview
    prog MTPaint image-processor mtpaint
    prog Dia dia dia
    menu Multimedia folder {
    prog XMMS2 xmms gxmms
    prog XMMS xmms xmms
    prog Aumix aumix aumix
    menu Spiele folder {
    menu "Spiele auf Konsole" folder {
        prog "Caves of phear" caves-of-phear phear-xterm
        prog MyMan myman myman-xterm
        prog ctris ctris ctris-xterm
        prog csokoban csokoban csokoban-xterm
        prog cmines cmines cmines-xterm
        prog cblocks cblocks cblocks-xterm
        prog npush npush npush-xterm
    menu "Ace of penguins" folder {
        prog Canfield game-cards canfield
        prog Freecell game-cards freecell
        prog Golf game-cards golf
        prog Mastermind game-board mastermind
        prog Merlin game-cards merlin
        prog Minesweeper game-board minesweeper
        prog Pegged game-board pegged
        prog Penguins game-cards penguins
        prog Solitaire game-cards solitaire
        prog Spider game-cards spider
        prog Taipei game-board taipei
        prog Taipedit game-board taipedit
        prog Thornq game-cards thornq
    prog OpenTTD openttd openttd
    prog LBreakout2 lbreakout lbreakout2
    prog LMarbles lmarbles lmarbles
    prog SYASokoban syasokoban syasokoban

    prog "Schriftauswahl" font xfontsel
    prog Uhr clock xclock
    prog Lupe xplorer xmag
    prog Taschenrechner xcalc xcalc
    prog Farbpalette xcolormap xcmap
    prog Zwischenablage xclip xclipboard
    prog xkill bomb xkill
    prog "Programm aufrufen" run run-free
    prog "Bildschirmsperre aus" xlock xlock -nolock
    prog "Bildschirmsperre an" xlock xlock

    menu "Reboot / Ausschalten" folder {
    prog "Reboot" reboot reboot
    prog "Herunterfahren" poweroff poweroff

#menu "Window Managers" folder {
#    restart icewm - icewm
#    restart fluxbox - fluxbox
#    restart swm - swm
#    }
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12-27-2011, 10:27 AM
Post: #12
RE: Translators needed
cool ... thanks :]
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