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I've been looking up what applications are available using FLTK 1.3. Anyone else interested in these types of applications and does anyone have any recommendations for good FLTK applications they've found? The FLTK site has a nice list of applications. Some links are dead, but many are still useful and sometimes when you mention a link is dead at the site, someone can find the source for you. Tiny Core Linux has some interesting FLTK applications, including some written by their users that you won't see in most other distros. The Agenda mobile device also has a lot of FLTK based applications. Many work fine on Linux as well as on the device.

If anyone's interested in some of my more recent FLTK finds, let me know and I'll post some links.
Hi :]

Of course we are interested :] Share them here, please.
Connochaetos has fltk too, maybe you can take PKGBUILDs from there.
(03-01-2013 09:05 PM)tavvva Wrote: [ -> ]Hi :]
Of course we are interested :] Share them here, please.

Okay, cool.

Some interesting ones here:

I have the Interactive Word Search Puzzle building on Windows and FreeBSD at the moment. Tried the font browser, but it's not very useful. Hope to check out some of the other applications.

Some more FLTK apps here:
I've tried the reversi which is nice.

This one was nice too:
See the comments for a working link.

If synclient for synaptic touchpads is available on Delicate, this one is useful:

I like this application:

This probably isn't that useful with OSS, but it's an interesting program:
Was going to look into it at some point and see if it worked or if there was a way to get it working with OSS as well as ALSA.

I think apcstudio might work on Delicate with some patching:
I have patches I needed to get it to build on FreeBSD and Windows, if anyone's interested.

Will dig up some other links and post more.

Tom, thanks for the link. I believe I've checked before, but will check again and see if there's anything new or that I may have missed.

By the way, someone recommended a patch to add the grad1 theme to FLTK 1.3 and I've since added the gleam theme. Noticed FLTK is currently updated to 1.3.2. So, I updated a patch to add both grad1 and gleam to 1.3.2. If anyone's interested, I can share the patch. You can activate alternate themes in FLTK by exporting the FLTK_SCHEME environment variable (for instance, export FLTK_SCHEME=gtk+). It'll work on FLTK applications that don't go out of their way to hard code a specific look.
How about a hexeditor? mentions edanator and Mickey Hex Editor beta.
All of them look useful .... wish I could find more time to write my own FLTK apps ...
I'm just trying to build the fldev IDE, but it's incompatible with FLTK 1.3 ... It uses obsolete calls .... I started patching the code to work with the latest FLTK, but it needs a lot of changes ... hopefully I can finish the patching before midnight ...
It's unreal to patch it .... there are too many differences in the FLTK 1.1 and 1.3 sources ....... it would be easier to introduce multiple versions of FLTK 1.x ...
The main & devel splitting allowed us to introduce two concurrent versions of FLTK 1.x and the result seems to work well. The FLDev IDE is in the repo :]
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