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Full Version: Regarding init scripts
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I made a package for Dropbear and put it up on my repository. I had to modify the init script (/etc/rc.d/dropbear) to work around the unavailability of /etc/rc.d/functions file. I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the inclusion of /etc/rc.d/functions (source here), as it would help the creation of init scripts and other packages that require it. It doesn't interfere with the core of Delicate, but simply helps handing services. More info here.
First, think it's great that you have Dropbear working and packaged.

Haven't looked into the rc.d stuff much yet so I don't think I'm much help on this. At some point, I think I'll need to look at alsa and possibly firewall set-up with regard to init scripts, but haven't had time at this point. I did find some Linux From Scratch examples that might give some ideas on functionality to add:
Also some information on LSB standards is mentioned at these links:
(06-08-2012 12:31 PM)lmemsm Wrote: [ -> ]
Also some information on LSB standards is mentioned at these links:

This is exactly what I was after, anything regarding daemonizing. Most init scripts that I have encountered have not used any of these functions, but could definitely benefit from them. And also to keep a standard among the scripts. Anyway, great resouces there.
You're right .... our solution is ancient .... it was taken from DeLi as is ... If you're sure the functions script would work for all initscripts, then I'll be happy to introduce it ... I just wanted to introduce something like starting of the services in the right order and that would need all headers to be altered a bit anyway ...
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