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VirtualBox is an x86 virtualization software package.


Emulated Hardware


  • PCnet-FAST II (Am79C970A), works (module: pcnet32)
  • PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973), works (module: pcnet32)
  • Intel PRO/1000MT Desktop, wasn't recognized by delisetup


  • ICH AC97, (module: i810_audio), nearly works, music is slow on my system
  • SoundBlaster 16, configure manually with delisetup, use IO Port=0x220, IRQ=5, DMA1=1, DMA2=0, MPU IO=0x330. The test sound from sndconfig gets played.
  • Intel HD audio, wasn't recognized by delisetup

Known Bugs

When leaving X the system hangs

When you exit X the "computer" hangs on console. You see a shell and it doesn't work, ACPI halt doesn't work, CTRL+ALT+Del doesn't work.

The system still runs and can be accessed via SSH, it's an input lockup caused by the mouse control. It usually happens when you exit from X and then leave the VirtualBox window, once you return back, you have no control.

As virtual machines are supposed to be used only for building and testing, the main developer doesn't consider this a blocker. As the future version should preconfigure icewm, this shouldn't be relevant anymore.

It is unknown if the problem lies in VirtualBox or kernel.

Workaround: If you haven't enabled slim, then simply do the configuration as root with delisetup.


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