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old pentium
04-06-2013, 08:33 PM (This post was last modified: 04-06-2013 08:53 PM by lucinos.)
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Wink RE: old pentium
Thank you all very much.

I am not planing to do anything before Easter (not the one that just passed but still the one in 2013 Smile )

I do not see how KernelEx has to do anything with my case, 98 is already too slow, why I would want to run XP applications on top of that?
It is true that DOS sucks at open source software and of course every software is two decades old or more but then the machine is from 90s. DOS is the most lightweight OS I know that has quite a lot software although old. With DOS many games and some other things like Basic is available and that is quite cool for such a lightweight OS. When I tried last year FreeDOS with liveCD it did everything I expected excellently. It is true I did not tried it very much nor something really difficult.

Thank you about FXDOS, I did not know about it. It is really strange that FreeDOS is keeping LiveCD secret. The even funnier is that I just saw that now they have again the 1.0 edition on because of "popular demand" (I suspect that the popular demand was about the nice LiveCD option) but with no LiveCD option!

The point of dual boot with DOS instead of DOSBox or DOSEmu is that you have a really fast boot and all resources are available as there is no other OS. DOSBox is an emulator and I did not know that I can run it outside of X but even that way I really doubt it will have good performance. I love DOSBox as for old games on new machine is excellent (for some games there is the even better options of SCUMMVM). DOSEmu also can be useful in some special cases (as you run real DOS in virtual machine, not en emulator) but as I said you need first to boot to other OS.

I have already rejected all linux distributions with the exception of delicate, so do not tell be about other distributions unless you have a really good point about them.
BSD could be an alternative that I know nothing about. What are the minimum requirements for Frenzy? Last year that I searched about various OSes almost all of them had 64 MB RAM or more minimum requirement for liveCD. It would be a surprise to me if it can run on 32MB (from the little search I did they do not give minimum requirements at least in a place I could easily find them)
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