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Microsoft USB Mouse - nl2stk - 10-31-2011 11:32 PM

I've mention a couple of days ago that I've informed the Dutch Ubuntu forum about Delicate, and a couple of users are testing and running it.
One of them is testing it on a P4 with one 1 GB ram with a nvidia geforce fx 5200 and he has a problem, he can't get his mouse working. It's a Microsoft USB mouse, and he has tried the 'Auto' and 'Microsoft' settings. Is there another setting he can try?

RE: Microsoft USB Mouse - tavvva - 11-01-2011 08:43 PM

(10-31-2011 11:32 PM)nl2stk Wrote:  Is there another setting he can try?

I guess he has no USB modules loaded and therefore his USB controller doesn't work.

The following two modules are needed for HID devices in case of UHCI controller:

The following two modules are needed for HID devices in case of OHCI controller:

The controler type can be seen in the lspci output.
Modules can be temporarily loaded from the root account by calling modprobe usb-ohci or different module ...

Then the default input device /dev/input/mice should be configured in the xorg setup
and then it finally has any sense to play with the protocol :]

If that works, then the modules need to be defined in the rc.modules like /sbin/modprobe uhci, etc.

If that still doesn't work for him, I would need output of the following two commands:





The whole thing should be automated by the scripts one day .... the hardware detection is unfortunately still missing Undecided