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Full Version: Iniciar sesion en delicate 0.5alpha
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Hello there! I'm Maia and I'm a new member of deliCATE forum. I just want to make a question for you:
I's the situation:
The past weekend I discover deliCATE while searching for an Operating Sistem for my older ibm thinkpad 380xd. I mustn't take risks, because it's my father's laptop and he has a lot of information on it. Beacuse of it, I downloaded the iso image and installed it to a virtual machine in virtualbox. My problem is when i want to log in, with root all is ok, but (when the installation is running) I created an user named: Maia an assigned an password (maia1 for example) to it. when i rebootan and want to log in, i put the username below, press enter and type the password. DeliCATE don't acept it and says "bad password (or something by the style)". and the question is: ¿How must i log in on DeliCATE? ¿ how i must write the username? ¿And the password?
Thank you very much for reeding and I'm waiting for aan answer!
ese problema parece que a nadie le gusta contestar, yo también estoy pasando por lo mismo!
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