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Youtube, we all know it and a bunch (including me) of them are using it. Delicate Linux has no Flash or HTML5 but with a trick we can still watch the latest Justin Bieber clip Tongue
Install skipstone (cause netsurf suc.. pardon me Tongue)
Go to youtube, and you get a warning about your browser (out of date blabla).
Ignore it and search whatever you like, click on the clip you like.
Copy the link (CTRL C) and go to and paste the link with CTRL V
Click on download and scroll to start, after that You can choose where to save it. Remember where You store it (in my case it is the Download folder) and browse with the terminal to the location after you finish the download. Type on the prompt: mplayer thedownloadtitle.mp4 and that's all Smile

I assume there is a question about scipts who can automate this, sure... But googl.. eh youtube are changing faster than yesterdays cellphones... and making scripts unusable.

ps. The converter works with other sites too, and no.. I didn't try it with the famous pron tubes. etc... Lack of time.. (lame excuse, I know... )
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