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Full Version: First try on getting a package to work...
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I thought Delicate needed a good solitare game so I tried to repack the old Python-based PySolFC. I didn't do the make-thing with PKGBUILD and perhaps took a non working short cut here? Rolleyes My idea was that it's a python-script and no binaries are there?
It's my first try to make a package ever... Blush

I just got all the files from the debian package and adjusted .PKGINFO as far as I could understand (got the size from tree --du dirname on another computer).

The package installs if I do "pacman -U /root/download/pysolfc-2.0-1.pkg.tar.gz". This is how it went:

loading package data... done.
checking for file conflicts... done.
installing pysolfc...
could not extract usr/share/games/pysolfc/html: Is a directory
errors occurred while installing pysolfc

The package is to large to upload here in the forum so I uploaded it here.
Perhaps it's taking too much resources for Delicate?

When I try to start the game with /usr/games/pysolfc I get this error:

File "/usr/lib/python2.4/lib-tk/", line 38, in ?
import _tkinter # If this fails your Python may not be configured for Tk
ImportError: No module named _tkinter

I am not a coding person so anyone getting this great game flying in Delicate would be fantastic :-)

Found the pysolfc package for Archlinux here.

Maybe it's more simple to change it from this package? I also see references to Python 2.7 in the Package Contents and as far as I know Delicate have 2.4 so perhaps it's not possible?

/Jorgen, the slowly learning package noob Wink
Jorgen I can take a look at some solitaire games. Python is a high level programming language, so if you can avoid it, it would be a smart thing to do on slower machines with less memory. And I'm not even talk about the python version troubles.
Oh I remembered The Aces of Penguins Smile it's in the repo's..
Hi guys.

Sorry for lack of response from me during the last few weeks. I had very busy days. The 'Ace of Penguins' should do the job. I maintain PySolFC in Fedora and it's probably really heavy. Please try 'Ace of Penguins' and if you're not satisfied with that set, we could search for alternatives or try PySolFC.
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