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Full Version: Stuck in DOS land after install. Where is the GUI?
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I just installed Delicate linux on my Packard bell. (Pentium 166 cpu, 64mb ram, 4gb hdd) and I login as root with my password. The Official Wiki I used to install delicate said to run "delisetup" after installation. So I typed that on the screen and the next page looks mostly like reconfiguring things I already did when I was installing. I reboot the computer and login again and I can't see what else I can do. I saw pictures of the 4 graphical interfaces for use with delicate, but why are they not loading like they do on modern distros like Ubuntu? how do I enable one of the GUI's? I have little skill in linux and "dos style" configs. I'm mostly a diehard Windows XP user! I'd really appreciate some help with what to do next. Thanks a bunch. Smile
I am not sure, but did you activate slim in delisetup - Setup Services? slim provides a graphical login manager (display manager).
Then you have to reboot.

If you want to start slim once without starting it after rebooting you can enter as root:
/etc/rc.d/slim start

btw: DOS in linux is a console, a terminal or a command line Wink

Tom is right.

If you need a graphical login manager, use SLiM. Other option is to login to your user account and type startx. By default, DeLi(cate) doesn't start GUI. The latest installation CD comes with preconfigured default window manager and that's IceWM (part of the default package sets ... not included in the minimal installation). Older CDs require you to select the window manager in the delisetup started from the user account. Additionally, older computers where the HW autodetection doesn't work well, might stuck with completely black screen after starting the X session. In that case you need to run the X configuration from the delisetup executed with the root permissions. It's usually safer to test the config prior enabling the SLiM manager. Otherwise it can be difficult for non-experienced users to disable it again.
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