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Full Version: dictionary programs
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I've been working on a port of sdcv that gets rid of the glib dependency. The project hasn't been updated since 2006, so was surprised when I recently checked the web site and found a new release made this year for version 0.5.0-beta2. sdcv is a command line dictionary. It supports the popular stardict dictionary format and you can use it with any files in that format (dictionaries, translation dictionaries, thesauri, etc.). There are also tools available to create your own stardict files from dictionaries in other formats. You can find sdcv at:

I've also been looking into the possibility of creating a dialog like front-end so one could use sdcv with a GUI interface not just the command line. I think it makes a good lightweight alternative to stardict for computers with limited resources.

I've probably mentioned this before but another very nice dictionary program that I like is hunspell:

There are command line options to use hunspell interactively with any programming editor that supports jumping to a compiler error. Makes a nice way to add spell-checking to an editor that may not have that feature out of the box.
Hello. Wanna try to build these? :]
I'm still working on my own fork of sdcv. When it's finished, I can put together a build script for it. Hunspell is further down on my list of applications to build. Wanted to see if I could get it working in conjunction with the ncurses or pdcurses interface, so that might take some investigation into how best to work that. Right now, I just use it via command line.
Even if you have unfinished stuff, don't hesitate to share it for testing.
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