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Full Version: can't download with skipstone
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I just installed Skipstone, but found I couldn't download anything with it because wget didn't also install as a dependency. (SkipDownload depends on wget).
Hi :]

We had several reports like that, but the reproducer was missing .... I believe you just found the root cause ....
I'll check that and add wget into deps...

Thanks a lot.
Hi Tavvva,
(09-24-2012 04:31 PM)tavvva Wrote: [ -> ]I believe you just found the root cause ....
That was just a fluke because I didn't previously have wget installed, and the Skipstone home page mentions SkipDownload and wget.Big Grin

By the way, Skipstone seems like a really great browser, although it seems a bit slow to load some pages on my 328Mhz laptop. It's too bad development on it has stopped.Sad Some kind of adblock script might really help to speed things up.
should be fixed in 1.0.1-4 ...
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