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Full Version: [beginners] Themes
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After installing Delicate linux is always nice to look for a theme that fits to your needs... well needs is a big word.. :]
There are many many icewm themes (for example
You can download them and put them in the .icewm/themes directory which is in your homedir. But sometimes it's not what you expected.. The icons in your menu are too big. In that case it's wise to look in your downloaded theme. In most cases it contains an icons directory and even when an icon has a '16x16' in his name it can be larger, when you resize it to 16x16 it should be normal.
It sounds obvious, but you can be easily fooled because of the name.

Last hint:
In most cases folder_16x16.xpm is too large.
Sometimes you have to look voor the gimp or abiword icon too
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