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Full Version: menu generator daemon memory consumption too high (680kB)
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Menu generator daemon eats 680kB of memory .... it needs to be redesigned (shellscript -> C) ..
The solution can be redesigned to work without ANY daemon ... the only thing that needs to be done is to write a request file in /var/menu-generator ... the request file will have a randomly generated name (we can keep the same call .... just replace the daemon script internals with creation of the request file) .... the new internals would write the username, homedir path and the associated WM into the request file .... the trigger script will go through the /var/menu-generator directory and start menu generator for each request file. The request files will be cleaned by the rc scripts ...
menu-generator-0.6-5 introduces the mentioned changes ... from now no daemon is needed.
0.6-6 suppresses warnings when no request file is present
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