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Full Version: Very old laptop - need some help :)
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a) cardctl info


b) cardctl ident

Socket 0: no product info available
Socket 1: no product info available

c)cardctl status

Socket 0: no card
Socket 1: no card

d)cardctl config

Socket 0: not configured
Socket 1: not configured
Hmmmmmmmm Undecided

That doesn't look promissing ...

I found one laptop with Cirrus CL6729 controller and have the same problem here .... The controller is recognized correctly, but the card presence is not detected .... I'm gonna play with that a bit ..... but it might be caused by the driver incompatibility .... the same issue is present with DSL (Damn Small Linux).

according to people CL 6729 (rev 07) works with fast_pci=1 and irq_mode=1
but I have CL 6729 (rev ee) ... and that doesn't seem to work ....

You could have the same problem there .... since some people were able to make it working with Your laptop model ...
huuh ..... I just found the following on the Internet :

Sorry, but the CL-PD6729 is not a CardBus controller. You can only use
16bit cards. The 3CXFE575CT is 32bits wide.

Maybe we're both facing the same issue ....
You told me the ports were working in Win98 ... but have You tested that with the Edimax wifi card? Becase it seems to me, that the controller is not HW compatible with the card .... but maybe it's just some bullshit, because the type II slots should be 16-bit & 32-bit compatible .... anyway .... CardBus is PCMCIA 5.0 (32-bit, PCI 33MHz) and the card could have some kind of fallback to mode unsupported by linux when the slots do not have a CardBus capability ... so .... it could be much more complicated ...
Please, try to supply the i82365 module with one additional parameter ....

modprobe i82365 fast_pci=1 irq_mode=1
modprobe i82365 fast_pci=1 irq_mode=1

just did it and after this all above steps ( modprobe ds, dmesg , lspci, cardctl info/ident/status/config )
I had the same results nothing changed
Ok ..... i was searching a bit ...... CardBus controllers started to appear in the laptops in 1997/1998 and my laptop was manufactured in 1996 .... so ..... that's it .... in my case I believe it isn't compatible with the card I'm trying to insert ..... the question is .... why is it possible to insert the card inside when the slots should be equipped with lock key (notch) ???

The whole topic is quite confusing .... I'd like to know if any 32-bit, but non-CardBus cards exist ....

It's also possible, that some of the type II slots do not support 32-bit/busmaster mode even if they're electrically compatible ... it's 15 years ago ... nobody can remember what issues the first controllers had ....
I see there's a lot of confusion around the CardBus topic .....

The following page contains some posts saying, that PCI non-CardBus controllers exist and it's about the CL 6729 again :]

So .... as You see it's quite important for me to know, if the wifi card you're trying was working in this laptop with Windows 98 ...
I just downloaded the CL PD6729 circuit datasheet ....

8- or 16-bit PCMCIA card support
Compliant with PCMCIA 2.1 and JEIDA 4.1
3.3V, 5V, or mixed 3.3/5V operation

10.8.4 Device Capability Byte B
CL-PD6729 does not support Cardbus transfer cycles on PC Cards.


So ... in my case it can't work, since the controller doesn't support CardBus cards ....
but it's possible to insert the card, because the slots already support 3.3V ....

actually ..... type II slots are defined as 16-bit OR 32-bit ... and nobody says,
that they have to support both ....
It seems somebody had the same issue 9 years ago ...
I just downloaded CL PD6722 datasheet and it seems this circuit isn't even PCI compliant ... it's ISA only .... so ... I don't believe it's easily possible to make it working with any CardBus requiring cards ... there would have to be some fallback magic directly in the card driver (making it 16-bit compatible .... but I'm just guessing here .... don't know if something like that is possible).
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