Welcome to DeLi(cate)

DeLi(cate) is a fork of DeLi Linux 0.8 targeted at very old and low RAM computers.
It's developed independently of DeLi's successor ConnochaetOS.
It's based on the 2.4 series kernel and uClibc to minimize the resource utilization.
We may eventually introduce 2.6 or 3.x series kernels in the future releases in order to support more recent hardware.


We believe there are still too many owners of old computers somewhere in the world who want to use them.

Minimum requirements:

CPU : i386 (or compatible)
RAM : 8MB (console only) / 14MB (with GUI)
HDD : 280MB (with limitations)

Recommended configuration:

CPU : Pentium MMX 233MHz (up to Pentium III)
RAM : 64MB

NOTE: Recent hardware might work, but it's currently unsupported.

Installation requirements:

CD-ROM : for computers with CD-ROM boot support
Floppy + CD-ROM : for computers without CD-ROM boot support
Floppy + Serial Cable (cross) : for computers with broken or no CD-ROM
Floppy + Network : for computers with broken or no CD-ROM
DOS + CD-ROM : for computers without CD-ROM boot support
Deli Linux 0.8 + Network : for upgrade from Deli Linux


[CD 0.1 Alpha]
0.1 alpha
   [CD 0.1 Alpha2]
0.1 alpha2
   [CD 0.1 Alpha3]
0.1 alpha3
   [CD 0.1 Alpha3 Rev2]
0.1 alpha3 rev2
   [CD 0.1 Alpha4]
0.1 alpha4
   [CD 0.1 Alpha5]
0.1 alpha5

All installation images are available HERE.


[ScreenShot 01]
   [ScreenShot 02]
   [ScreenShot 03]
   [ScreenShot 04]


For discussion and support, please, visit our forum HERE


For knowledge transfer, please, visit our wikipedia HERE

IRC channel:

Server : irc.freenode.net
Channel : #delicate-linux

News & Events:

16-JUL-2014   Fifth alpha CD available for download.
17-JAN-2014   Fourth alpha CD available for download.
02-FEB-2013   First Wikipedia pages available.
21-DEC-2012   Changing the hosting provider.
17-SEP-2012   Wikipedia test run.
29-APR-2012   Revision 2 of the third alpha CD available for download.
30-MAR-2012   Third alpha CD available for download.
26-JAN-2012   Migration to a new server.
24-JAN-2012   Migration to the delicate-linux.net domain.
18-JAN-2012   Second alpha CD available for download.
24-OCT-2011   DeLi/DeLi(cate) downloads reached 1TB!
22-OCT-2011   First DeLi(cate) installation CD available.
10-OCT-2011   DeLi(cate) source repository created.
10-JUL-2011   DeLi(cate) repository created.
10-JUL-2011   DeLi(cate) forum created.
30-JUN-2011   Start of the project.
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